SFTS – Starting To Feel Like Galaxy Season – Special Guest @Nelson.jpg_

2 preseason “games” in, Vblock officially christen yup it’s starting to feel like Galaxy season. In this episode :

  • We talk with Nelson and get to know his path in becoming a recognized LA Galaxy Photographer.
  • VBlock party, it is finally here and we’re in love.
  • Jorge gives us his thoughts on LA Galaxy’s 2 – 1 preseason victory over the Revs, and
  • and as always we answer the SFTF questions!

2 thoughts on “SFTS – Starting To Feel Like Galaxy Season – Special Guest @Nelson.jpg_

  1. Yo, what’s up guys!

    Just wanted to give props to you guys and to thank you for the way you responded to another listener regarding:
    – Getting The Fuck Out if they weren’t singing their lungs out-

    Trust me, I get where he’s coming from, but no bullshit, I’ve lost at least 3 friends as potential supporters due to this type of attitude… needless to say,
    I haven’t stopped bringing my friends and family to the games or supporter sections for that matter however I am worried that the new V-block holds this same mentality.
    I see these new sections opening up as an opportunity to embrace new families and supporters. We got to figure out how not to miss this chance to encourage the curious.

    I just cant help to wonder how many more new supporters would have become long lasting members if only we were a little more welcoming sometimes.
    Anyway, I just wanted to share my thought, peace!

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