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Straight From The Stands – An Unapologetic LA Galaxy Podcast is an independent Podcast created and hosted by four guys from Los Angeles who since 1996, have supported and continue to support, the Los Angeles Galaxy. Straight From The Stands – An Unapologetic LA Galaxy Podcast is intended to be an opinionated Podcast covering multiple topics directly and indirectly related to the Los Angeles Galaxy. We aren’t looking to be your source for breaking news or provide insight to some juicy internal Los Angeles Galaxy TMZ-like gossip, but rather, address those topics (and whatever else we feel like addressing) as if we were chatting about our G’s at a bar, at home, away in Torreon on the seventh floor of our hotel, or tailgating out in Lot 13. Whether what we say is positive or negative (or neutral if at all possible) about our Los Angeles Galaxy, we are uncensored, explicit, maybe a bit raunchy but it’s all from our hearts and minds – and straight from the stands.

Note: Our facts, breaking news, transfer rumors, etc.… will likely come from the same credible sources that you have. Nothing special about us. We just love talking about the boys in the blue, white and gold.  Fact we do not fact check.  


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